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Dear customer,

Welcome to Gemory,

a world where we craft precious stones into timeless jewelry. 

Our exclusive cuts are developed by us and are an excitement and challenge to our lapidary artists.

The mixture of shapes from stones like pebbles found in nature to fancy cuts, breaks the traditional tendency and surprises with the beauty of our organic stones.
These noble jewels are designed to be worn to perfectly fit with different colors, metals or gems and create a sophisticated and modern effect.

The combination with different stones and metals give the design a contemporary aspect.
In the beginning of the 2000 we founded our boutique jewelry company on the Greek island of Samos.

Behind the first store were my German wife Ruth and myself, Charles Vergara, an American professor.

Our goal was to bring jewelry with a personality, different stones and cuts to those with an eye for the less ordinary. 
Over the years it became known Europe wide, because of its unique designs and natural beauty, adoring many national and international celebrities.
In 2011, my daughter Christina Vergara and her associate Steve Christo decided to take the next step and expand to a wider audience, opening three online stores with three different Collections the Lapis lazuli collection, the Gemory Design collection and the Gnatus collection.

By doing so we opened the world of Gemory, the gems and their unique personalities to a wider audience in the heart of Europe. 
Gemory today is a symbol of beauty, unique design and good taste.

Each piece carries a story and each story is sealed with our promise for quality and aesthetics that withstand the test of time. 


Charles Vergara

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