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"when people stare,

                       you will know why"

Lapis Lazuli

Welcome to Gemory


Gemory is a symbol of beauty, unique design and good taste.

Each piece carries a story and each story is sealed with our promise for quality and aesthetics

that withstand the test of time.

Our exclusive cuts are developed by us and are an excitement and challenge to our lapidary artists.

The mixture of shapes from stones like pebbles found in nature to fancy cuts,breaks the traditional tendency

and surprises with the beauty of our organic stones.

These noble jewels are designed to be worn to perfectly fit with different colors metals or gems and create a sophisticated and modern effect.

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Explore the world

Our jewelry is designed in family tradition, we like to show the natural beauty

of each piece combined with the inspiration of ancient cultures such as

Egyptian, Greek or Persian heritage.

Modern artisan gemstone jewelry

set in gold and silver.

Love of blue

Our passion through out the years is the blue stone and the history behind it.

We have traveled many places in this world and seen many things,

heard story's and met many nice people.

All this we would like to express with our work

and share it with you with all the love included.

Lapis lazuli logo web.png
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